“Chairs at Luxembourg”

by tagermer

The panorama “Chairs at Luxembourg” was taken on a fall morning in 2015 at the Palace of Luxembourg in Paris. It was early, few were enjoying the gardens, so none of the chairs set out were occupied. With only a small amount of rearrangement, I configured my panoramic tripod to be as low as possible, and I shot this panorama among a group of chairs, with the palace in the background.

This piece will be included in my exhibit “Cubic Visions” at Glenview Mansion Art Gallery in Rockville, Maryland, June 5 – 20, 2016. I will be showing five cubes, and each cube will have two associated 2D projections, as shown here.

Chairs at Luxembourg
“Chairs at Luxembourg,” Photographic Sculpture, 1/1, 2016, $1250

“Chairs at Luxembourg (Stereo 1),” Metal Print Digital Photograph, 1/1, 2016, $450

“Chairs at Luxembourg (Stereo 4),” Metal Print Digital Photograph, 1/1, 2016, $450